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2014 festivals


Here’s a list of all the Festivals where Nina is playing this year (so far) 

- May 3rd, Live at Leeds 

- May 24th, Osfest (Shrewsbury) 

- June 14th, Isle of Wight Festival 

- June 21st, Goldcoast Oceanfest 

- July 5th, Cornbury Music Festival

- July 6th, Mainsquare Festival (Arras, France) 

- July 12th, T in the Park 

- July 18th, Blue Balls Festival (Lucerne, Switzerland) 

- July 27th, Greenville Music Festival (Berlin, Germany) 

- August 16th & 17th, V Festival 

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"I’d also like to explain why I chose the word ‘Peroxide’ for the album title. It’s because I felt it represents exactly the kind of thing I was feeling whilst writing this album. It’s not about the substance itself, it’s more about the sound of the word and what the substance can do. Peroxide can be great, it can be dangerous, it can be unpredictable, it can be invisible, it can turn dark to light, it can burn, it can leave marks but most of all it is something that is strong. For me, Peroxide, is a metaphor for love, anger, intensity, passion, longing or hate and in other words sums up the relationship that I wrote this record about."
- Nina Nesbitt on her album booklet (via nina-nesbitt)

(via nessbits)